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Polarized Motorcycle Sunglasses Polarized Gray Lens Black Frame (PMXCT-Series)

Ratel PMXCT-8094 Polarized Motorcycle Sunglasses
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PMXCT-Series motorcycle sunglasses with silver mirror lenses and black frames. Shatterproof ANSI/ISEA Z87 high-impact rated lenses are tear-drop shaped, wrap around for front and side protection, and include two small vents on each lens to keep air circulating and reduce fogging. Frames are glossy black and have sports-designer detailing. Temples continue the frames' design and have rubberized coating for a secure fit.  Nose piece is vented, rubberized and is adjustable for additional comfort and stability.  Full protection from harmful UV-A and UV-B rays. Light weight at 1oz.
What are polarized sunglasses & why might you want them? Mistakenly called polaroid sunglasses at times, polarized sunglasses substantially improve vision, color and eye comfort by reducing glare from horizontal, shiny surfaces like water, snow, glass, vehicles and even road surfaces. Polarized sun glasses counter-act glare with vertical polarization and neutralizes the horizontal nature of glare light patterns. Polarized sunglasses maximize clarity because they "neutralize" glare rather than just filtering glare with dark lenses.  They actually let more visible light through yet eye comfort and clear vision is maintained. *Outstanding & popular fishing sunglasses and boating sunglasses!! 

Buyer Beware When Purchasing "Polarized" Sunglasses: All Rally polarized sunglasses are internal-laminated or "sandwiched" polarization (the polarization is laminated and protected inside of two pieces of polycarbonate) rather than the inexpensive and less durable external-adhered polarization (essentially a sticker applied to the outside of the lens). In other words; Rally polarized sun glasses are the real deal without paying $150-$250 for them!  In addition, Rally polarized sunglasses are also Z87 high-impact compliant and come with a lifetime warranty - an extremely hard-to-find, unique combination of features.
Lens Color: Gray (Polarized)
Frame Color: Black (Glossy)
Light Filtering: Blocks 81% Sunlight, Blocks 86% Blue Light (improving contrast and clarity)
Lens Application:
Bright Sun, Mostly Sunny, Sun/Cloud Mix
Lens Type: Anti-Scratch Polycarbonate
Anti-Fog: Polarized lens with air-circulating, open-air design - no additional anti-fog treatment
Frame Features: Open-air design with sports-designer detailing
Temples/Strap: Temples match frame color with rubberized inlays
Nose Piece: Adjustable, vented, rubber nose piece
Wind/Dust Protection: Open-air design - no foam gasket seal
Ultraviolet Protection: 99% filtering of harmful UV-A and UV-B rays
Safety Protection: Exceeds ANSI Z87.1 front high impact and optical clarity requirements
Ventilation: Medium/High; May experience eye-tearing without windshield at higher speeds
Peripheral Vision: Excellent - Unlimited
Gender: Men, Women
Primary Application: Motorcycle Glasses, Biker Glasses, Motorcycle Sunglasses, Biker Sunglasses
Cross Applications:

Shooting, Cycling/Bicycling, Mountain Biking, Moped/Scooter, ATV, Baseball/Softball, Golf, Tennis, Running, Driving, Marine/Boating, Landscaping/Lawn Maintenance, Jobsite/Worksite/Construction, Industrial

Department: Motorcycle Eyewear, Biker Eyewear
Weight: 1 oz
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty against lens and frame breakage under normal use

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