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Motorcycle Sunglasses Gray Lens Matte Black Frame (PXMTQ-Series)

Aarmillo PXMTQ-197 Motorcycle Sunglasses
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PXMTQ-Series ANSI Z87.1 impact resistant biker eyewear with gray lenses and matte black frame. PXMTQ-Series is a hybrid between "retro" and "modern contemporary" with a unique style specifically for men - perfect for medium and large male head sizes. Frames are aerodynamic and sleek-looking and feature a half-frame style which flows into unique and stylish wide temples that slightly contour around the head. Rubberized comfort-grip rubber pads on the temple tips. Nose piece is rubberized for anti-slip and comfort, as well as vented for heat dissipation. One of our loosest-fitting motorcycle eyewear lines - attachable safety cord recommended (see accessories).
Lens Color: Gray
Frame Color: Matte Black
Light Filtering: Blocks 81% Sunlight, Blocks 86% Blue Light (improving contrast and clarity)
Lens Application:
Bright Sun, Mostly Sunny, Cloud/Sun Mix
Lens Type: Scratch-Resistant Polycarbonate
Anti-Fog: Standard lens with open-air design - no additional anti-fog treatment
Frame Features: Retro/Contemporary aerodynamic half-frame design that stylishly flows into temples
Temples/Strap: Wide, stylish temples - slight contour for fit and rubberized padding for comfort and grip
Nose Piece: Rubber nose piece with venting
Wind/Dust Protection: Open-air design with aerodynamic contour wrap - no foam gasket seal
Ultraviolet Protection: 99% filtering of harmful UV-A and UV-B rays
Safety Protection: Exceeds ANSI Z87.1 front and side high impact and optical clarity requirements
Ventilation: Medium/High; May experience eye-tearing without windshield at higher speeds
Peripheral Vision: Very Good
Gender: Men
Primary Application: Motorcycle Sunglasses, Biker Sunglasses
Cross Applications: Bicycling, Moped/Scooter, Baseball/Softball, Golf, Driving, Marine/Boating, Everyday Use
Department: Motorcycle Eyewear, Biker Eyewear
Weight: 1.2 oz
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty against lens and frame breakage under normal use

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Road Test Results
Performed a thorough road test on the PXMTQ-Series the other day. The biggest thing I noticed is the funky styling of this frame. A lot of people asked if they were European or something… Aside from turning a lot of heads, they are super light weight and grip well on my head (which I’m guessing my head size is medium to large). The temples are straight back and even though I didn’t test them with a helmet, I’m sure they will work great sliding in between your head and helmet padding easily. Just like most non-foam-sealed eyewear, there is a little eye-tearing at high speeds…55mph isn’t too bad but 65-75mph on the interstate gets a little tear-y. Of all the non-foam-sealed eyewear I’ve tested, I’d put these in the middle of the pack: not the worst and not the best when it comes to eye tearing. One last thing – I wear these occasionally for regular use when I’m looking for a unique look…always get questions and comments. PLEASE NOTE: This review is done by an employee of Rally - I am the founder/president (just wanted to make sure people knew that I was NOT a customer). Ride safe!!
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by Founder Of Rally Eyewear
from Wisconsin United States
23 Jul 2012

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