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Motorcycle Sunglasses/Goggles Indoor/Outdoor Mirror Anti-Fog Lens Black Frame (VG2-Series)

Ratel VG2-6540 Motorcycle Sunglasses
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VG2-Series convertible motorcycle sunglasses/goggles with indoor/outdoor mirror anti-fog lenses and black frame. VG2 motorcycle eyewear is similar to our X3SP-Series and is perfect for the rider who wants a foam seal gasket, does not want to see frame in their view and demands full, unrestricted peripheral vision. Meets ANSI Z87.1 high impact standards. Anti-fog lens treatment prevents fogging and reduces light scratching. Durable foam seal gasket eliminates wind/dust issues. Adjustable, telescoping temples conform to multiple head sizes and also comes with a fully adjustable goggle strap. Excellent biker eyewear for those who have long eyelashes and/or larger, more prominent eyes - excellent clearance. Feather light feel.
RX Prescription Option: There is an available RX Prescription Snap-In Frame (VG2-RXFRAME) available for the VG2-Series which is one of the best options we've found for those who want ANSI Z87.1 high-impact protection, yet need RX Prescription correction. Many customers purchase the VG2-RXFRAME and use it with multiple pairs of VG2 motorcycle eyewear.
Lens Color: Indoor/Outdoor Mirror
Frame Color: Black
Light Filtering: Blocks 47% Sunlight, Blocks 70% Blue Light (improving contrast & clarity)
Lens Application:
Mostly Sunny, Cloud/Sun Mix, Overcast (may not reduce brightness enough in bright sun for some users - medium sun filtering)
Lens Type: Polycarbonate with anti-fog/scratch-prevention treatment
Anti-Fog: Anti-fog treatment with lower and upper venting
Frame Features: Aerodynamic wrap-around styling with lower and upper venting, and durable foam seal gasket
Temples/Strap: Convertible: adjustable, telescoping temples with snug-hug temple tips or adjustable, quick-release goggle strap
Nose Piece: Anti-slip foam nose piece
Wind/Dust Protection: Durable foam seal gasket
Ultraviolet Protection: 100% filtering of harmful UV-A and UV-B rays
Safety Protection: Meets ANSI Z87.1 front and side high impact and optical clarity requirements
Ventilation: Medium - Excellent anti-fog properties and eye cooling circulation
Peripheral Vision: Excellent - Unlimited
Gender: Men (tend to be large on many women)
Primary Application: Motorcycle Sunglasses, Biker Sunglasses, Motorcycle Goggles, Biker Goggles
Cross Applications: Shooting, Hunting, Moped/Scooter, ATV, Landscaping, Jobsite/Worksite, Industrial, Law Enforcement
Department: Motorcycle Eyewear, Biker Eyewear
Weight: 1.2 oz with temples, 1.4 oz with strap
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty against lens and frame breakage under normal use

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163 out of 291 people found the following review helpful
Loved It!
quality is great, they look fantastic
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by Natalia Echeverri
from Florida United States
15 Sep 2014

618 out of 1189 people found the following review helpful
VG2-Series Road Test ~ Not my favorite frames, but definitely will be better for those with a small/medium head (vs my medium/large head) and better for those with a slightly more narrow face (vs my big, fat, round face lol). They come with a goggle strap and temples…I used the temples. They seemed to actually fit poorly at first but after a couple of hours, they seemed to fit better. They have a foam seal so eye tearing was not an issue. They actually have excellent venting for foam seal and my eyes kept cool and comfortable. The temples telescope, but I didn’t have to adjust them. The lenses seem to be large but I think that is due to the fact that there is an optional prescription frame that snaps into these (We do not carry it at this point but probably will in the future – essentially you take the frame into your optometrist and have your prescription lenses installed. Then you can use your prescription frame with clear VG2’s, amber VG2’s, gray VG2’s, and/or indoor/outdoor mirror VG2’s. Contact us if you have interest in the prescription frame insert. COMMENTS ON INDOOR/OUTDOOR MIRRORED LENSES ~ I wanted to submit a road test / review on this particular lens “color” because the more I use it; the more I love it. I have to admit that I was not a big sunglass guy before founding this company - I like the brightness of the sun and hate making it look dull and dark in many cases. I’ll admit that many or most people love dark sunglasses - and that’s fine - but for those of us who still want it to look sunny out now have this medium-filtering lens choice. The Indoor/Outdoor Mirrored lenses are available on almost every frame style. They filter 47% of visible light (compared to dark sunglasses which filter 85-ish-%) and filter 70% of blue light which enhances clarity and contrast. In layman’s terms, essentially these lenses remove the harsh and painful brightness of the sun but they still allow life to look sunny…which makes riding more enjoyable mentally. They are mirrored, so they still hide your eyes at a glance or from a distance (however if others really look hard, they can see your eyes a bit). On my road tests I find that I use these in the morning and towards the end of the day (before I switch to night time glasses) and well as when its cloudy and overcast (even I prefer the darker lenses when its super bright sun during the middle of the day). Eventually I may change the name of this lens to “Medium Light Filtering Mirrored Lenses” because that’s exactly what they are. I highly recommend trying a pair of these since most customers buy 3 pairs of eyewear when shopping with us. PLEASE NOTE: This review is done by an employee of Rally - I am the founder/president (just wanted to make sure people knew that I was NOT a customer). Ride safe!!
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by Founder Of Rally Eyewear
from Wisconsin United States
23 Jul 2012

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