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Motorcycle Glasses Infinity Blue Lens Black Frame (VEN3-Series)

Ratel VEN3-692 Motorcycle Glasses
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VEN3-Series low-light motorcycle safety glasses with infinity blue lenses and black frame - Impact resistant, lightweight, snug-fitting with sports styling and high-quality, distortion-free optical clarity for a variety of uses. Dual-vented frame (front & top) with adjustable telescoping temples stay secure when looking to the side or back to check blind spots. Aerodynamic wrap-around design provides side wind/impact protection and full, unrestricted peripheral vision. Outstanding fit on most men and women. Full protection from harmful UV-A and UV-B rays and exceeds ANSI Z87.1 front and side high impact standards. VEN3 is one of Rally's most universal-application eyewear - ideal for almost any sport as well as everyday use.
Lens Color: Infinity Blue
Frame Color: Black
Light Filtering: Blocks 25% Visible Light, Blocks 23% Blue Light (improving contrast)
Lens Application: Night Time, Dusk, Overcast, Cloud/Sun Mix
Lens Type: Scratch-Resistant Polycarbonate
Anti-Fog: Anti-fog venting and open-air design - no additional anti-fog treatment
Frame Features: Dual-vented frames (front & top) for anti-fogging and eye cooling
Temples/Strap: Adjustable, telescoping temples with flexible, rubberized temple tips
Nose Piece: Rubber, vented, adjustable, ribbed anti-slip nose piece
Wind/Dust Protection: Open-air design with extreme aerodynamic contour wrap - no foam gasket seal
Ultraviolet Protection: 99% filtering of harmful UV-A and UV-B rays
Safety Protection: Exceeds ANSI Z87.1 front and side high impact and optical clarity requirements
Ventilation: Medium/High; May experience eye-tearing without windshield at higher speeds
Peripheral Vision: Excellent - Unlimited
Gender: Men, Women
Primary Application: Motorcycle Glasses, Biker Glasses
Cross Applications: Shooting, Hunting, Cycling/Bicycling, Mountain Biking, Moped/Scooter, ATV, Baseball, Golf, Tennis, Running, Volleyball, Driving, Marine/Boating, Law Enforcement, Landscaping, Jobsite/Worksite, Industrial, Everyday Use - Multi-Application Eyewear
Department: Motorcycle Eyewear, Biker Eyewear
Weight: 1.0 oz
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty against lens and frame breakage under normal use

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Road Test Results
Gave the VEN3-Series an extended test yesterday. At this point, my favorite series are the foam-sealed HIG-Series, so that is my main reference in comparison. Although these VEN3-Series are not foam-sealed (they are open-air), I am extremely impressed with how they handled air flow. I traveled at speeds up to 65 mph without a windshield and I did not experience any issues with eye-tearing (my eyes normally tear-up relatively easy with open-air frames). This said, there is some air circulation you can feel due to the lens venting system - it just feels cool and comfortable however. Nose piece is comfortable and grips well. Most or all of our eyewear has side protection, however these frames have excellent wrap and I'd say they're on the higher-end of the scale on side protection. The temples telescope but with my head and ears, there was no need to extend them. A few pairs of these will surely be on my bike and in regular rotation from now on. PLEASE NOTE: This review is done by an employee of Rally - I am the founder/president (just wanted to make sure people knew that I was NOT a customer). Ride safe!!
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by Founder Jeff
from Wisconsin United States
29 Jun 2012

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