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Motorcycle Glasses Infinity Blue Lens Black Frame (AVA-Series)

Aarmillo AVA-9619 Motorcycle Glasses
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AVA-Series genuine motorcycle safety glasses with infinity blue lenses for lower-light applications (night time, dusk, overcast) with a black frame - Impact resistant, lightweight, snug-fitting glasses with sports styling and true optical clarity for a variety of uses.
Vented frame for anti-fogging and eye cooling with flexible, contoured temples that stay secure when looking to the side or back to check blind spots. Aerodynamic motorcycle eyewear design provides side wind/impact protection and full, unrestricted peripheral vision. Open-air design; no foam seal gasket. Full protection from harmful UV-A and UV-B rays and exceeds ANSI Z87.1 front and side high impact standards - a necessity for biker eyewear. Fits and looks great on both men and women. Available in 7 different lens/frame color combinations for low-light applications.  12 lens/frame color combinations for sunlight applications.
Note: AVA-Series is an extremely popular eyewear choice for everyday use as well as bicycling/cycling, mountain biking, running, baseball/softball and volleyball (in addition to motorcycle eyewear use). They're one of our most popular biker eyewear choices due to their universal/multiple-use style, design and light weight.
A Rally Lens Color Pick!:  Our testers love the infinity blue lenses for low-light applications. In addition to low-light, users who do not have overly-sensitive eyes will also enjoy infinity blue for cloud/sun mix...they make a dull day "pop" just a bit...
Lens Color: Infinity Blue
Frame Color: Black
Light Filtering: Blocks only 25% Visible Light, Blocks 23% Blue Light (improving contrast and clarity)
Lens Application:
Night Time, Dusk, Overcast, Cloud/Sun Mix
Lens Type: Anti-Scratch Polycarbonate
Anti-Fog: Standard lens with anti-fog venting - no additional anti-fog treatment
Frame Features: Vented frames for anti-fogging and eye cooling
Temples/Strap: Flexible, contoured temples
Nose Piece: Rubber nose piece with anti-slip ribbing
Wind/Dust Protection: Open-air design with extreme aerodynamic contour wrap - no foam gasket seal
Ultraviolet Protection: 99% filtering of harmful UV-A and UV-B rays
Safety Protection: Exceeds ANSI Z87.1 front and side high impact and optical clarity requirements
Ventilation: Medium/High; May experience eye-tearing without windshield at higher speeds
Peripheral Vision: Excellent - Unlimited
Gender: Men, Women
Primary Application: Motorcycle Glasses, Biker Glasses
Cross Applications: Everyday Use, Cycling/Bicycling, Mountain Biking, Running, Baseball/Softball, Volleyball, Golf, Tennis, Moped/Scooter, ATV, Shooting, Hunting, Driving, Marine/Boating, Law Enforcement, Landscaping/Lawn Maintenance, Jobsite/Worksite/Construction, Industrial
Department: Motorcycle Eyewear, Biker Eyewear
Weight: 1.0 oz
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty against lens and frame breakage under normal use

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