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Polarized (Gray)

Polarized Motorcycle/Biker Sunglasses: What are polarized sunglasses? Mistakenly called polaroid sunglasses at times, polarized motorcycle sunglasses substantially improve vision, color and eye comfort by reducing glare from horizontal, shiny surfaces like water, snow, glass, vehicles and even road surfaces. Polarized biker sun glasses counteract glare with vertical polarization and neutralizes the horizontal nature of glare. Polarized sunglasses maximize clarity because they "neutralize" glare rather than just suppressing glare with dark lenses. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: All Rally's polarized motorcycle sunglasses are internal-laminated or "sandwiched" polarization (the polarization is laminated and protected inside of two pieces of polycarbonate) rather than the inexpensive and less durable external-adhered polarization (essentially a sticker applied to the outside of the lens). In other words; Rally's polarized sun glasses are the real deal!  In addition, Rally's polarized sunglasses are also shatterproof Z87 high-impact compliant and come with a lifetime warranty - an extremely hard-to-find, unique combination of features.