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Buy 2; Get 1 FREE (the fine print*)

This is how the Buy 2 Get 1 FREE works:
  • The FREE item(s) will always be the least expensive item(s) in your cart.  Any quantity of any combination of eligible frames.  Simply add the items you want to your cart and we'll calculate the rest for you.

    • 1-2 = 0 Items Free
    • 3-5 = 1 Item Free
    • 6-8 = 2 Items Free
    • 9-11 = 3 Items Free
    • ...and so on

  • The vast amount of our products are eligible as both paid-for items ("Buy 2" Items) and as free items ("Get 1 FREE" Items), however there are some exceptions that are normally mandated by the vendor (not us) which may limit this offer (that's what the * is alerting you to - that said, currently all frames are fully eligible - however sometime in the future we may have frames that are not eligible).  Here's how items may be categorized and are programmed into our system:

    • Eligible as "Buy 2" Item AND Eligible as "Get 1 FREE" Item (currently ALL frames)

    • Eligible as "Buy 2" Item BUT NOT Eligible as "Get 1 FREE" Item

    • NOT Eligible as "Buy 2" Item AND NOT Eligible as "Get 1 FREE" Item

      • Accessories are set-up as ineligible due to their relatively low price compared to eyewear - the vast amount of customers prefer free eyewear.  At this point in response to customer feedback, shopping cart is programmed to exclude Accessories.  We will work with you if this is an issue - Contact Us.

  • When a product is not eligible for this program, we have also designated this in the product description so you will always know up-front.